Pixel Wishlists

  1. General usage

General usage

The Pixel Wishlists add–on allows wishlists to be created by shoppers. Wishlists to are created by shop visitors clicking the heart icon on the thumbnail of each product. To enable wishlists, navigate to the Shop tab in the customizer via Appearance ➝ Customize, scroll down to the Enable wishlists checkbox, and check the box. Click Save & Publish when done.

You then need to create a page to display the wishlists in. To do so, navigate to Pages ➝ Add New and create a page titled Wishlist. 

Wishlist shortcode

The Wishlist shortcode allows shoppers to display a wishlist of shop products on a page. Wishlists are created by shop visitors clicking the heart icon of products.


Place the above shortcode within in text editor and click Publish.

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