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  1. General usage

General usage

Portfolio items

Portfolio items have the exact same functionality as standard blog posts. Read through the Posts section of your theme guide for more information. To create a portfolio item, navigate to Portfolio ➝ Add New within your WordPress admin dashboard. 

Besides the standard posts functionality, portfolio items have some unique configuration options within Portfolio Options. Here, you can enter an item description and make the portfolio item page full width.

Assign each portfolio item a category in the Portfolio Categories section of the Add New page. The category name will appear in the portfolio archive page, when clicked, will group items of that particular category together.

Portfolio archive page

Again, at risk of repeating ourselves, the portfolio archive page is configured in exactly the same way as the blog archive page. Navigate to the customizer via Appearance ➝ Customize and click the Portfolio tab to configure the header, widgets, columns and pagination of your portfolio archive page. See Blog for more information. 


To configure the widgets on your portfolio archive page, navigate to Appearance ➝ Widgets. There are two widget locations on the portfolio archive page: at the top and on the side. These locations are represented by the Portfolio Top Widgets and Portfolio Side Widgets tabs on the right, as highlighted below. 

The following portfolio-specific widgets are available to use in the portfolio widget areas:

  • Portfolio Archives
  • Portfolio Categories
  • Portfolio Tag Cloud
  • Most Loved Portfolio Items

Changing post type name

You may want to change the Portfolio post type name into something more related to your content, such as Books or Projects. To do so, follow these two simple steps. 

First, navigate to the customizer via Appearance ➝ Customize and click the Portfolio tab. Scroll down to the bottom until you see the Post type name option. Enter a name for your post type and click the Save & Publish button.

Second, go to Settings ➝ Permalinks and just click Save changes again to flush and rewrite old settings. Your post type name should be successfully changed now.

Always remember to flush your permalink settings every time you change the post type name, otherwise links to your portfolio items will be broken.

Displaying portfolio items on custom pages

To insert your portfolio items within a page that that you have already created, use the Posts shortcode. See Shortcodes for more informarion.

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