Pixel Downloads

  1. General usage

General usage

Pixel Downloads works in combination with the free and popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin and many of its core add–ons. For guides on how to setup and manage your EDD shop, consult the EDD documentation.

This guide will go through the key features Pixel Downloads adds to your EDD shop.

Disable styles

The first thing to do to disable all default styles that EDD automatically loads. To do this, navigate to Downloads ➝ Settings ➝ Styles and check the Disable Styles checkbox.

Adding downloads

Besides the standard EDD downloads options, Pixel Downloads also adds options to the footer of each Add/Edit Downloads page. There are a variety of options here, including banner configuration, page layout and details that appear on the downloads page. 

Adding custom content to downloads page

You can add custom content to the downloads page via the Downloads Options panel using shortcodes. The downloads page has 3 sections designed for custom content:

  1. Secondary content
  2. Custom pricing
  3. FAQs

Each section can be populated using a collection of shortcodes to build your desired content, typically the Section, Column, iBox, Type and Pricing shortcodes. However, you can use any shortcodes you like in each section.

General customisations

General customisation to your digital downloads shop can be configured in the customiser panel via Appearance ➝ Customizer ➝ Downloads.

Here you can configure your digital shop's archive page, the thumbnail style and the call–to–action banner that appears within each product page.

Tip: Use the Snippet shortcode [po_snippet type="title"] as a shortcut for product name on product pages.

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