Child theme

What is a child theme?

A child theme is a theme that inherits the characteristics and functionality of the parent theme. In this case, Float Child is the child theme and Float is the parent theme.

Why should I use the child theme?

Modifying Float Child is the safest way to modify Float. Instead of modifying Float's theme files directly, you can use the Float Child child theme to override any styles and functionality.

What happens if I modify the parent theme?

Float is updated regularly with new functionality, styles and bug fixes. If you modify the parent theme and then download an updated, all your changes will be lost. With a child theme, you can update the parent theme and still keep your changes after an update.

How do I use a child theme?

Once the parent theme is installed and activated, install and activate the child theme. This is done in the same way you would install and activate any other theme. Navigate to Appearance ➝ Themes ➝ Add New ➝ Upload Theme within your WordPress admin dashboard.

Upload the file located in the theme folder of your download.

Once activated, Float Child will inherit everything from its parent. The style.css file included within the child theme folder allows you to make CSS modifications. Should you wish to modify a particular file, simply copy that file from the parent theme into the child theme’s root folder. Once that file exists in your child theme folder, it will be used instead of the original file in the parent theme.

Customer support is not offered for anything relating to theme customisations via the child theme. Any changes made to the theme as a result of these modifications will be outside the scope of our customer support.

What happens to my theme content?

When changing from the parent theme to it’s child theme, all your content will be transferred to the child theme, except for your customizer panel settings. Although these settings will not be lost, they will not be transferred to the child theme, so you’ll have to re-enter them in your child theme’s customizer. If you wish to revert back to the parent theme’s customizer settings, you’ll have to re-activte the parent theme.

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