Float has 3 footer sections:

  • Featured
  • Columns
  • Bottom


The featured section of the footer is a slider populated with blog posts to display a collection of featured blog posts.

Once you have published a number of blog posts categorised under the same category, you can configure this section within the Footer tab of the customizer, via Appearance ➝ Customize.


Footer columns are columns of footer specific content, populated by plain text or shortcodes.

These columns can be created and configured within the Footer Columns menu tab within your WordPress admin dashboard. To add a column, navigate to Footer Columns ➝ Add New, enter the column title and populate the text editor with either plain text or a shortcode.

Below is a list of footer shortcode suggestions:

  • Tweets
  • Mailbag
  • Recent Products (WooCommerce)
  • Featured Products (WooCommerce)
  • Product Categories (WooCommerce)
  • Best-Selling Products (WooCommerce)


The bottom footer section has 2 configurable areas: The menu and credits. See Menu for more information on how to configure the footer menu. To modify the footer credits, navigate to the the Footer tab of the customizer, via Appearance ➝ Customize. Scroll to Footer credit and enter your desired credit text within the input field.

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