Add–on bundle licenses

Float comes bundled with 3 premium add–ons:

  • Pixel Shortcodes
  • Pixel Wishlists
  • Pixel Portfolio

To get automatic updates and support for these add–ons, you'll need to redeem and activate their license keys. Licenses can be redeemed via your Pixelobject support account, free of charge. You'll just need a valid Envato Market Purchase Code.

Redeeming add–on licenses

First create your support account and login. Navigate to Licenses ➝ Request a License and select Float from the product dropdown list, then paste your Envato Market Purchase Code into the input field. Click Request license.

You can only request a license once for each listed product. Make sure you complete the checkout process after you submit your request.

You'll be redirected to the Pixelobject shop checkout where you'll need to either create a new Pixelobject shop account (different from the support account you created above) or login to an existing shop account. 

Complete the checkout process by entering your details and clicking the Free Download button at the bottom of the checkout. You'll then be redirected to a confirmation page where your add–on license keys will be displayed. A copy of the receipt will also be sent to your email.

Manage your license keys

You can manage and upgrade your license keys from your Pixelobject shop account.

Activating your license key

Once you've redeemed your license keys, the final step is activating them. Learn more by reading: Activating your add–on license.

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