Besides the customizer options already discussed in this guide, the customizer offers several other customisation options for your theme. Navigate to Appearance ➝ Customizer to access all the options.


Here you can add your social profiles from a variety of social media platforms. A logo icon for each social profile entered will appear in the footer, side panel and within the Social shortcode (see Shortcodes for more information). 

To add your social profiles, click the Social Tab within the customizer.


Setting colors in Float is very flexible. You can modify the general accent color of your theme in the Color tab of the customizer, within the Accent section. However, colors can also be coordinated within the shortcode of each element. See Shortcodes for more information.

Additional CSS

If you have some basic CSS skills, you can add custom CSS to your theme via the customizer. To do so, click on the Additional CSS tab and enter your CSS code within the input box. Your changes will be visible in the preview screen as you type.

Customer support is not offered for anything relating to CSS modifications. Float class and ID names need to be looked up within the files independently, as well as the CSS code you wish to use. Any changes made to the theme as a result of CSS modifications will be outside the scope of our customer support.

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