Logo setup

One of the first things you'll want to do is upload your company logos. To do this, navigate to Appearance ➝ Customize and click the Nav Bar tab.

Float uses 2 types of navigation bar logos: standard and white. When the navigation bar is transparent, the standard logo displays on white or light backgrounds, and the white logo displays on dark backgrounds. On non-transparent navigation bars, only the standard logo displays.

You can upload the white logo in the Logo white section and configure both logos in the options below.

To upload the main logo, navigate down to the Site Identity tab in the customiser and upload the logo image using WordPress' built-in custom logo feature.

Make sure both standard and white logos have the exact same dimensions. The only difference should be the color.

To achieve retina resolution, upload a logo twice it's normal size, then use the Logo height range slider to reduce back down to it's normal size. You can use the preview screen to view your height adjustments before saving.

You can also include a logo in the hidden side menu panel. This logo should be light enough to be visible on the dark panel background.  You can upload this logo and adjust its height in the Side menu logo and Side menu logo height sections respectively.

Navigation bar setup

There are several customisation options for the navigation bar which take affect across your website. You can choose to enable an animation that hides the navigation bar when not in use, providing more visible screen space. Or you can choose to show a site search icon on the bar. 

To enable both options, navigate to Appearance ➝ Customize, click the Nav Bar tab, and check the Enable nav bar animation and Enable site search checkboxes.

Click the Save & Publish button to save your changes.

Top bar

To enable the top bar, navigate to Appearance ➝ Customize, click the Nav Bar tab, and check the Show top bar checkbox.

There are additional options in this section for you to customise the top bar exactly how you want it.

Menu type

Float has a specific menu location for the top bar. To add a menu to the top bar select Menu within the Top bar type option. Navigate to Appearance ➝ Menus, create and populate a new menu, then assign it to the Top Bar display location in Menu Settings.

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